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Booth A-15 and I-28 - Yokohama/Japan

You will find our Sales Partner Hanamura at booth #I-28  and our Sales Partner SevenSix is located at booth A-15.

We look forward to welcoming you at our local Sales Partners booths. Both our local Sales Partners will be happy to assist you and discuss with you your requirements and needs. 

By bringing together large numbers of people related to the laser industry, The Laser Expo, has become a very highly valued event both within and outside of Japan. Lasers have experienced remarkable progress in development. In recent years, there have been progressions of usage in all manner of fields, such as communication, information, energy, semiconductor, automotive, shipbuilding, construction, civil engineering, agriculture, industrial machinery, recreational, biological and medical treatment. This exhibition has been organized annually by The Laser Society of Japan, since 1994, where it has constantly pushed the boundaries to introduce state of the art laser technology in the 21st century, this upcoming exhibition will be the 24th held. You will find  more details at