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We are very excited to introduce our two newest innovations at the SPIE Photonics West taking place in San Francisco from Jan 25th-27th.

The SPIE Prism Award finalist µMOPA will set a new milestone in the photonics industry: For the first time, a DBR laser and a tapered amplifier are monolithically integrated on the same chip with a standard 14 pin butterfly package.

On top, we will  launch another extraordinary product: a tapered amplifier in a standard butterfly package. Based on the already proven tapered amplifier product portfolio, two new variants will be introduced with this new package solution that brings along multiple advantages.

We are looking forward to informing you about our innovations and existing portfolio and hope to meet you at the SPIE Photonics West in person at booth # 1327!


Are you also excited and can't wait to hear more details about the µMOPA and the tapered amplifier in standard butterfly package?
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