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High Quality Standards for our customers

Quality Certificate

Our certified quality management system ensures the high quality of our products and services to be supplied to our customers.

Our continuous improvement process is targeted to meet the customer's expectations in the best possible and most efficient way. The daily application of our quality management system is an interdisciplinary task involving all departments of eagleyard.
From the development process to the finished product it includes all involved, from the supplier and the employee to the customer.

Depending on the application our products are to undergo extensive qualification tests.
Based on our experience, we are able to test our lasers under extreme stress conditions for use in defense or space operational areas. eagleyard ensures continuous high quality of the lasers by qualified "frozen" process sequences. Before being shipped to the customer all lasers have to pass through a burn-in and calibration to verify the specified parameters.
The individual serial number of each laser stores all data of the manufacturing process and can be traced over years.

See our valid certificate here