Diode laser systems are a modern and effective choice for soft tissue treatment and disinfection in the scope of dental applications. The flexibility to deliver a broad variety of clinical settings based on a unique instrument platform powered by a family of laser diodes, is representing a huge advantage for the dentist’s surgery. By selection of the proper wavelengths and pulse mode, accompanied by the best fitting hand sample tool, optimized therapy for the patient is achievable, often remarkably milder but highly efficient though, in comparison to conventional treatment methodologies. These optimized combinations lead to the desired effect in the corresponding soft tissue. Common areas of use are

  • Endodontia
  • Periodontologie
  • Coagulation
  • Photobiomodulation

and many more.

TOPTICA EAGLEYARD’s highly efficient multimode laser diodes, especially at wavelengths of 808nm, 980nm and 1064nm, are the powerful tools for medical instrument integrators, to turn its performance into noticeable benefits for the dentists and ultimately, their patients.

Its outstanding wall-plug efficiency and peak power levels of up to 18W per single emitter diode, make them ideally suited for hand-held devices usually operated in battery mode.

But also the small form factor in combination with enhanced device functionality like beam shaping (fast and slow axis collimation optics already fully integrated inside the laser diode component – CDL package) delivers the solution, modern design engineers can expect from an “intelligent” laser diode component.

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