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laser diode driver


eagleyard is a component vendor focusing on high power laser diodes. At the request of our customer base we offer supportive equipment which helps you to operate the lasers safely and easily. Beside our EAGLEYARD ACCESSORIES we also cooperate with various partners who offer compatible equipment.

For DRIVER & TEC CONTROLLERS we cooperate with LaserLabSource who maintains an own platform. It contains a tailored webshop for driver equipment matching eagleyard laser diode offering. 

For OPTICAL ISOLATORS we like to make you aware of the products of our parent company TOPTICA PHOTONICS.

For SOCKETS we can recommend the broad offering from ANDON.

All these accessories are shown in this section.

eagleyard Accessories

Special Mounts and Sockets for TO-9mm and C-Mount Products

For optimized heat dissipation of any eagleyard C-Mount product we have developed a so called CR-Mount compatible with Thorlab's widely spread 30 mm Cage System U-Bench. Especially desigend to support the demanding operational conditions of the Tapered Amplifier.

eagleyard Photonics GmbH has developed its patented COLD- PACK solution. This device is an adapter-kit allowing for incorporation of standard 9 or 5.6 mm laser diode housings into a TO-3 style package. Four thermoelectric elements serve to stabilize the laser temperature or rapidly heat/cool the diode.


Part Number Product Information
EYP-MNT-0000-00000-0000-CRM14-0000 Adapter Mount for TPAs and other C-Mount Products - WITHOUT ASSEMBLY
EYP-MNT-0000-00000-0000-CRM14-0001 Adapter Mount for TPAs and other C-Mount Products - WITH ASSEMBLY
EYP-MNT-0000-00000-0000-CLP01-9000 Coldpack TO-3 Adapter with TEC - Manual Download

Driver & Tec Control offered by 3rd Party

Driver & Tec Control powered by Laser Lab Source

Here you will find a well curated selection of driver and TEC controllers for eagleyard laser diodes from our Partner Laser Lab Source – have a look at our Partners Website:

Sockets offered by 3rd Party

Sockets powered by Andon

We can recommend Sensor Sockets offered by Andon Electronics Corporation which has over 45 years experience in high-rel socket manufacturing. Sockets recommended to avoid 1) device damage from exposure to high temp solder, ESD, and cleaning solutions; 2) the labor and PC board damage associated with desoldering a faulty device, and 3) holding up PCB assembly until the devices arrive. CLICK HERE for a cross-reference to Andon sockets.


eagleyard housingsmatching Andon socketsthru-holeSurface MountPin Dia. [in]
EYP-xxx-xxxxx-xxxx-BFWxx-xxxx(2) C10-007-07-01-556S-R27-L14--0.018
EYP-xxx-xxxxx-xxxx-BFYxx-xxxx(2) C10-007-07-01-556S-R27-L14--0.018

Andon also provide heat sink socket to reduce heat and noise. Detailed information can be found here.

Optical Isolators by TOPTICA Photonics

High Power Free-Space Optical Isolators

Highest transmission and extinction at all wavelengths.

TOPTICA isolators ensure stability of TOPTICA’s narrow linewidth, long coherence length lasers, and they can protect Watt-class lasers and amplifiers from damaging back reflections. TOPTICA can also offer custom form factors and wavelengths.

Key Features

  •    Highest transmission & extinction from the UV to NIR.
  •    Unique compact, high transmission isolator < 400 nm and at 488 nm.
  •    Custom wavelengths and form factors available, as small as < 1 cm³.

Visit TOPTICA product page for more information.

If you are interested in isolators, please contact TOPTICA PHOTONICS directly under or

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