Spectroscopy (li D1 & D2 Line)

Laser cooling with lithium at 671 nm, specifically targeting the D1 and D2 transition lines, represents a cutting-edge technique in the realm of atomic physics and quantum optics. Lithium, a light alkali metal, exhibits unique electronic configurations that make it an ideal candidate for laser cooling experiments. The 671 nm wavelength corresponds to the resonant frequencies of the D1 and D2 transitions in lithium, enabling precise control over the energy states of lithium atoms. By exploiting the principles of optical pumping and Doppler cooling, researchers can selectively cool lithium atoms to ultracold temperatures, approaching the realm of microkelvins. This innovative approach not only advances our fundamental understanding of quantum mechanics but also holds promise for applications in quantum computing, precision measurements, and the exploration of exotic quantum states of matter. In this introduction, we delve into the fascinating world of laser cooling with lithium, shedding light on the experimental techniques and potential breakthroughs that may emerge from this research frontier.

By employing lasers with a wavelength of 671 nm, we facilitate ultra-low temperature conditions, unlocking opportunities for groundbreaking experiments in fundamental physics, quantum optics, and precision measurements.

To meet the diverse needs of researchers, we employ various technical approaches to realize our lasers:

  1. Gain Chips for ECDL: Gain chips designed for External Cavity Diode Lasers (ECDL) enable coverage across multiple wavelengths, leveraging the broad gain profile of these diodes.
  2. Integrated ECDLs in a 14-Pin Butterfly Package: We offer complete ECDLs integrated into a 14-pin butterfly package, combining convenience and versatility.

For scenarios requiring higher output power, our single-frequency lasers seamlessly integrate with matching tapered amplifiers on a C-mount or fully integrated in a 14-Pin butterfly package. These components provide output powers while preserving the excellent spectral characteristics of the seed laser.

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