Meet some of our great colleagues and learn more about their tasks, favorite products and what they think makes EAGLEYARD so special.

Daniel, Franziska, Jennifer, Florian and Eric give you some insights on their work:

Sales Manager


At EAGLEYARD since: 2019

My tasks: I provide technical expertise and support. I work closely with other departments within the company, such as product development and marketing, to ensure that the company’s products and services meet the needs of customers. My favorite tasks include working with customers to understand their technical requirements and developing solutions that meet their needs. It’s so great to experience the positive impact these solutions have on customers’ businesses.

My favorite EAGLEYARD product: One of my favorite products is the miniECL, which I was responsible for the development during my time as a development engineer at EAGLEYARD (from 2019-2023). I take great pride in seeing how this product developed from scratch to a game changing solution for our customers.

What makes EAGLEYARD special?: Even after over 20 years in the business and a growing number of employees EAGLEYARD accomplished to keep its flexibility, collaborative culture and openness to innovative ideas. Regardless of my position as a development engineer or a sales manager, my opinion was always valued. This leads to a great motivation to contribute to the company and in the end to the customers’ success. A big plus is also the annual bike tour.

What do you want to reach with your role at EAGLEYARD?: I want to contribute in building the bridge between new technologies from the laboratory to high demanding applications in the industry.

A fun fact about you: I created several youtube videos as a kids that have several million clicks.

Production Employee


At EAGLEYARD since: 2009

My tasks: Commissioning, production preparation, support of AvT micro-assembly, maintenance and setup of material stock, maintenance of DMS

My favorite EAGLEYARD product: As a microtechnologist, I love products that require a lot of dexterity. I like our product diversity and find it hard to settle on just one favorite.

What makes EAGLEYARD special?: In addition to the obvious (uniqueness, innovativeness, quality), the collegial interaction is of particular importance to me. I am grateful to work in such a good team.

What do you want to reach with your role at EAGLEYARD?: I would like to support the implementation of innovative products becoming ready for the market.

A fun fact about you: I’m a “plant mom” with a little penchant for plant-euthanasia

Quality Engineer


At EAGLEYARD since: 2022

My tasks: As an employee in QM, I am the contact person for various quality topics at EAGLEYARD. Together, we continuously develop our company processes to meet the ever-increasing requirements of our customers and to improve our own performance. The tasks are very diverse and varied. For example, I coordinate company-wide change management, design internal and external testing processes, or support the validation of our manufacturing processes.

My favorite EAGLEYARD product: All products are equally important for me. 😉

What makes EAGLEYARD special?: The atmosphere is exceptional. The mood in the team is relaxed yet constructive and all colleagues are maneuvered in the same direction by this special spirit. At the same time, all colleagues work and communicate on a very professional level.

What do you want to reach with your role at EAGLEYARD?: I want to help the organization make the best possible use of its own strengths and capabilities. Particularly in phases of growth, our quality management system should create structures and standards, optimize processes and strengthen general quality awareness.

A fun fact about you: Before EAGLEYARD I would not have thought to have to wear a hairnet (for the clean room). 😊

Process Developer


At EAGLEYARD since: 2015

My tasks: My tasks as a process developer include the development of new processes and their validation. Typically, these are soldering, wire bonding and gluing processes. Furthermore, my tasks include optimizing existing processes or adapting them to new circumstances (e.g. new equipment or workstations). In the context of prototyping, my colleagues and I are involved in the development of new products at a relatively early stage by R&D. Further interfaces exist with production and quality management. I am responsible for the creation of assembly instructions as well as the training of employees. As one of two hazardous materials officers in the company, I am also responsible for identifying hazards in connection with hazardous substances and assessing them and defining suitable protective measures.

My favorite EAGLEYARD product: My favorite product is the BFW09, which has gone through several development stages over the last few years, starting with the BFW02, the first product in whose transfer to production I was actively involved. The aim was to automate lens bonding for beam collimation with the aid of a fully automatic machine. I also accompanied the further development of the product to BFW42. In this product, the possibility of active electrical cooling of the laser diode was also created. For reasons of process optimization, a final change was made to the design of the butterfly package, so that the product originally launched as BFW02 is now produced in an optimized form as BFW09.

What makes EAGLEYARD special?: For me, EAGLEYARD will always have a special place in my life because apart from working as a student trainee, EAGLEYARD was my first  employer and thus enabled me to start my professional life. Due to the wide range of applications of laser diodes in the fields of industry, life sciences, aerospace and research, there are always exciting projects in which we get involved. And honestly, who would not feel at least a little pride when one of our lasers, after years of development and qualification, performs its service in space?

What do you want to reach with your role at EAGLEYARD?: In my role as an interface partner to R&D, quality assurance and production, I would like to ensure that both existing and newly developed products can be introduced into or manufactured by production with reproducible high quality.

A fun fact about you: If German “schlager music” is played on the radio in “AVT”, I’m probably not entirely innocent. But my colleagues put up with it bravely, and more and more often, “Power Radio” is aired. Allegedly because of the varied music, but I rather believe because of the good mood the songs create. 😊.

Teamlead Procurement


At EAGLEYARD since: 2013

My tasks: strategic purchasing, development & implementation of a procurement strategy in line with corporate objectives, supplier management selection & evaluation, optimization of purchasing processes, alignment of risk management to the new framework conditions of global supply chains

My favorite EAGLEYARD product: My favorite product is the DFB 852 nm (EYP-DFB-0852-00015-1500-BFY12-0005) because of the free space isolator integrated in the package.

What makes EAGLEYARD special?: EAGLEYARD is not only so special because of the uniqueness of its products but especially because of the know-how of the individual employees. Moreover, our team spirit is most important, enabling everything we have reached and will reach in the future.

What do you want to reach with your role at EAGLEYARD?: I want to contribute to the research of mankind, especially for space and for medicine.

A fun fact about you: As a German-Italian I enjoy “la dolce Vita” with all the emotions but equally neatness and accuracy. I call my inner dichotomy “hybrid JenNa”. 😁

Frontend Manager


At EAGLEYARD since: 2019

My tasks: I am responsible for the security of the supply of laser chips for production. In doing so, I primarily accompany newly manufactured laser chips from facet coating to the release of the material by our quality department during the suitability test for our products.
I work closely with many departments, such as logistics, research & development, and production. All are involved in the evaluation process and I coordinate the required tasks.
A particularly great moment is when processed material with newly introduced design ideas exceeds performance expectations.

My favorite EAGLEYARD product: My favorite chip type is the TPA (tapered power amplifier). We use it in our miniTA, for example. With a relatively simple design, high output powers in the watt range can be achieved from a narrowband and wavelength-stabilized laser source with a few mW. Ideal for applications in quantum technology, spectroscopy and atomic clocks.

What makes EAGLEYARD special?: EAGLEYARD is a constantly growing company with a high level of innovation and many fresh and successful product ideas. The high quality standards are a unique selling point. Through the cooperation with our parent company TOPTICA, many synergies are created in order to be able to realize new approaches in chip development. I am given a great deal of creative freedom within my area of responsibility and my working methods are trusted. The very familiar way of working with colleagues and quick decision making are just another plus for working for the company. Above all, you can rely on the company in difficult private situations.

What do you want to reach with your role at EAGLEYARD?: I would like to continuously improve the systematic approach and transparency in the suitability testing of new chip material and establish new standards within the company. This is the only way to ensure that the laser chips used in production meet the constantly high performance requirements. Only chips that are outstanding in terms of quality and performance can be used to produce a top end product that satisfies the customer.

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