A New Corporate Design and Website

A New Corporate Design and Website

In 2023, TOPTICA EAGLEYARD will continue to push forward with its innovative developments and, together with its customers, will operate in a more sustainable manner to help change the world for the better, one small step at a time.

The company has already clearly demonstrated its innovative strength with the launch of four new products last year. Starting in 2023, the availability of new wavelengths, as well as improved package types, will be the focus of the company in order to turn the company’s vision into reality: “We shape the future with our unique laser diodes: With our clients, we go beyond. Together we reach the unreachable.”

TOPTICA EAGLEYARD employees are visionaries, but they nonetheless maintain a hands-on approach, which is an ideal blend for helping customers achieve their personal visions. This is also reflected in the company’s new claim, “THINKING BEYOND” — something that every employee on both the company and customer side does to help bring about real changes for the future.

It is only fitting then that TOPTICA EAGLEYARD will present its new corporate design for the first time at SPIE BIOS/PHOTONICS WEST: The dark color scheme has been replaced with a modern, clean blue-white-gray world. The focus is not only on the company itself, but always on the customers, who are themselves represented by various product applications. Two worlds that harmoniously work together to achieve great things and live up to the “THINKING BEYOND” claim. The viewer therefore gains valuable insights into the special manufacturing of TOPTICA EAGLEYARD.

The company will provide some more insights with the launch of the new website at the end of January. The highlight of the new website is the interactive Product Finder, where the entire product portfolio can be searched according to selectable criteria so that the right laser diode can be found even faster.

Visitors to SPIE BIOS/PHOTONICS WEST in San Francisco can learn about the products and additional features at the booth (BIOS #8209 / PW #3209) and have their own visions drawn for them: An artist will be live on site to create new works of art that not only portray TOPTICA EAGLEYARD’s vision, but also that of customers and trade show visitors.

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