Dr. Björn Globisch is the New future Head of R&D

Dr. Björn Globisch joins TOPTICA EAGLEYARD as the future Head of R&D


With the addition of Dr. Björn Globisch, TOPTICA EAGLEYARD is completely restructuring its Research & Development team for 2023/2024.

“After ten years spent researching terahertz sensor technology, I’m now looking forward to pressing ahead with industrial photonic integration, with the aim of making recent technological progress globally usable in the long term,” said Björn Globisch, who will join TOPTICA EAGLEYARD’s R&D team in January 2023 and become the team lead of the same department as of January 2024.

“I’m excited by the prospects of highly integrated modules that work outside laboratories, as my involvement in many research projects has familiarized me with the challenges and complexities of module integration.” After studying physics, Björn Globisch worked for more than 10 years in the “Terahertz Sensor Systems” research group at the Fraunhofer Heinrich Hertz Institute in Berlin, Germany, five of which were spent as group leader with responsibility for over 40 people. During this time, he completed his PhD as an external doctoral candidate in the field of physics at the Philipps University of Marburg, where his doctoral thesis was on the topic of “Photoconductive Terahertz Emitters and Detectors for the Operation with 1550 nm Pulsed Fiber Lasers”. Just this year, the Physikalische Gesellschaft zu Berlin e.V. awarded him the Karl Scheel Prize in recognition of his postdoctoral scientific achievements. Alongside his work as a research group leader, he has also held a junior professorship at the TU Berlin since 2019, where he has made full use of his opportunity to teach the fundamentals of physics to young students and to inspire them to get involved in research.

In his first year at TOPTICA EAGLEYARD, Björn Globisch’s primary aim will be to familiarize himself with the products and internal processes. He is also looking forward to the opportunity to work directly with the current Head of Research & Development, Dr. Miroslawa Malach, who, in her many years of leadership, has created such excellent conditions at TOPTICA EAGLEYARD, upon which he seeks to build: “This will pave the way for an excellent transition, and I’m looking forward to further developing and building up the R&D Team at EAGLEYARD from 2024 onwards to allow it to play an even greater global role in the miniaturization field.”

During his time at Fraunhofer HHI, the focus of Björn Globisch’s work was already on application-oriented research, which gave him the opportunity to work closely with TOPTICA AG. “Now, however, I’m really looking forward to implementing long-term strategic plans in cooperation with other specialist departments. This will allow me not only to realize my team’s innovative ideas in the best way possible, but also to meet the high demands of TOPTICA EAGLEYARD’s customers.” Company CEO Claus Heitmann is also eagerly anticipating the new appointment in early January: “In Björn we’ve succeeded in attracting an experienced and dynamic manager. He will now work with our accomplished R&D team to develop important milestones for our innovative product portfolio. We’re extremely pleased that he is joining the TOPTICA EAGLEYARD family.”


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