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NEW ERDF project: QD-Sense

As part of the ERDF-funded bilateral research project QD-Sense (Quantum Dot Sense), which started in the spring of 2022 and will take a total of three years, TOPTICA eagleyard is developing innovative, hermetically sealed packaging.

The goal of the joint Berlin-Polish project is to develop an innovative, low-cost, high-precision and high-reliability spectroscopic system capable of in-situ detection of low water vapor concentrations for industrial applications. The QD-Sense project produces innovative, low-cost, tunable and single-mode lasers and laser arrays based on the principle of vertical-cavity surface emitting lasers (VCSEL) and using quantum dots (QPe) as the active medium in Berlin.

TOPTICA eagelyard will develop a hermetically sealed Butterfly Package with window as part of this project and will contribute significantly to the success of the overall project. Both the detection of water vapor itself and the use of the laser in the final product require the package to feature hermetization as well as moisture control. For this purpose, a welding process that suits the respective package design must be evaluated in close cooperation with Epigap.

Since distortions on the laser chip caused by the assembly and connection technology can directly affect the laser’s spectral properties, measurement of electro-optical properties and verification by means of reliability and service life tests is essential. Project partner Airoptic will subsequently implement usage in industrial applications.

Click here for detailed information about the project.