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Two new highly integrated innovations to be launched

At this year’s LASER World of PHOTONICS taking place in Munich, Germany from April 26th -29th TOPTICA eagleyard will introduce the Mini-ECL @ 780 nm and the SM Laser Diode with 400 mW fiber output @ 808 nm – both in standard butterfly platform.

These two new products are part of the innovation path of the company as they are launched just shortly after the highly appreciated µMOPA and the tapered amplifier in standard butterfly package. Both products were presented in January 2022 with the µMOPA even being nominated as SPIE Prism award finalist.

 All four new products unite the high integration - comprising many features in a robust butterfly package that brings along various advantages.

The Mini-ECL is a single frequency laser diode with a super fine linewidth of typical 200 kHz. A stable performance is ensured by the integrated cavity in the hermetically sealed butterfly package. Moreover, wavelengths between 650 – 1100 nm are customizable upon request, opening more freedom across the spectrum. The standard product at 780 nm will mainly be used for spectroscopy (Rb D2 line), metrology and atomic clocks.

The new 400 mW SM Laser Diode benefits from all advantages of the hermetically sealed butterfly packages as well. With its introduction, TOPTICA eagleyard highlights again its thrive for innovation as this unique product is the first single mode laser diode with a 400 mW output power from fiber at a wavelengths of 808 nm on the market. It is focused on power delivery with a center wavelength around the absorption peak 808 nm (a tighter tolerance can be achieved with FBG upon request). A brilliant polarization is achievable for higher efficiency. The 400 mW SM Laser Diode will mainly be used as pump for fiber lasers, for optical tweezers and in optical communication.

Learn more about both innovations here.