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Life Science Laser

Efficient laser diodes have entered the medical equipment to make innovative diagnostic and therapy methodologies affordable for more patients. Check what is powering those instruments.

Are you looking for a compact, reliable and highly efficient laser source for your medical instruments? eagleyard's laser diode will support your design efforts, as they provide a small form factor though powerful tool to ease your development challenges.

We supply the key components for laser surgery of soft tissue. High Power Broad-Area Lasers at different wavelengths (BAL-808, -940, -980, -1064) make the treatment of various types of human tissue possible. Other areas of application are Ophthalmology, PDT or Veterinary medicine.

Oxygen is essential to life. Lasers can precisely and reliably detect and measure oxygen by absorption spectroscopy. eagleyard provides DFB laser diode (DFB-760, DFB-763) that hit the spot for multiple absorption lines of oxygen. Due to its significantly higher output power compared with other technological solutions (e.g. VCSEL) they are ideally suited for smoky combustion applications or very dusty and harsh environments. Its excellent long term wavelength stability makes regular recalibration cycles obsolete and thus can remarkably reduce the Opex for your customers.