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Ground stations and GPS satellites are equipped with precise atomic clocks that make navigation on earth possible. These clocks are based on the atomic resonance frequencies of cesium or rubidium that are optically pumped by a  DFB laser diode with narrow line widths (DFB-780, -852,). eagleyard's laser diode are used for these clocks - on earth and in space.

Are you designing test equipment for optical data communication? Our 850 nm sources are ideally suited to fit high-end test instruments due to the superior spectral performance of these lasers.

Laser velocimetry enables the remote measurement of velocities and directions in different industrial applications. Special techniques allow for fast and precise sensing with our Fabry Perot and DFB laser diode.

Diffractive optical elements (DOE) are able to generate a variety of beam patterns that can be used for the measurement of 3D surfaces by CCD sensors. Our high power 808nm Ridge Waveguide Laser with excellent beam characteristics is the ideal laser source for large-area measurements as used in automotive test equipment.

Laser Doppler anemometry (LDA) requires a small linewidth of the laser in order to reach a high resolution of the flow measurement. Our grating stabilized RWS lasers surpasses conventional Fabry Perot lasers due to their excellent spectral characteristics. (see FAQs RWS)

Renowned manufacturers of fiber lasers use our 1030nm and 1064nm DFB laser diode as a seed laser with superior pulse characteristics. These DFB lasers achieve high peak power on a ns scale.

Tunable Terahertz radiation can be generated by beating two of our DFB laser diode with slightly different emission wavelengths. The tunability of the DFB lasers results in a broad tuning range of the THz radiation. Well suited matching pairs like DFB-852 ,-855 are available.

Lasers enable the non-contact and remote measurement of Oxygen by absorption spectroscopy. eagleyard provides DFB laser diode (DFB-760, DFB-764) that hit the strongest absorption lines of oxygen. Due to its significantly higher output power compared with other technological solutions (e.g. VCSEL) they are ideally suited for smoky combustion applications or very dusty and harsh environments. Its excellent long term wavelength stability makes regular recalibration cycles obsolete and thus can remarkably reduce the Opex for your customers.

Pulsed lasers are used for laser scanners and range finders. Our broad area lasers for pulse mode operation allow long-range distance and speed measurements based on time-of-flight (TOF) measurements. eagleyards BAL-808, -905, -905 are qualified products hermetically sealed and designed with a robust housing for high-end applications.